Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: Work and Study in Turkey

Etiket Arşivi: Work and Study in Turkey

Work and Study in Turkey

Work and Study in Turkey

In the Law on 4817   Work Permits of Foreigners did not given  to foreign students in Turkey . However, Parliament also adopted  6458 numbered ” Law on Foreigners and International Protection “ in April 2013, in accordance with a work permit in Turkey right now on foreign students are entitled to receive . Article 41 of the said law are as follows;

Students’ Right to Work ;
ARTICLE 41 – ( 1) bachelor’s , master’s and doctoral students who  studying in Turkey , can work by obtaining a work permit . However, the right to work for undergraduate and graduate students , begins after the first year and not more than twenty-four hours per week .

( 2) Pre- graduate and undergraduate students of the procedures and principles of the right to work , to be determined by the Board of Immigration Policy within the framework of the Ministry and is organized jointly by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security .

NOTE: Foreign students work permit which entitles the Law No. 6458 shall enter into force on 11 April 2014 . However, foreign students after this date , our country has the right to apply for a work permit will be .