Do We Need Work Permit in Turkey

Do We Need Work Permit in Turkey

If someone wants to work in Turkey, then work permits in Turkey must taken for him/her. First of all, foreign national who wants to work or do business in Turkey, a residency permit must be obtained within one month of your arrival to Turkey and a Turkish work visa for foreign nationals must also be acquired. Foregners can apply for a Turkish work permit from either inside in Turkey  or outside of Turkey.

How to get a Turkish work permit?

After foreign nationals have been granted your residency permit in Turkey they can then start the process of obtaining a Turkish work permit. You need required documents before you start your application for a work permit.

If Foreign Nationals are looking for job opportunities in Turkey after obtaining the work permit, they will need these documents as well as an application from the Ministry for Labor and Social Security. The Turkish company who is seeking to employ  foreign nationals will make this application on their behalf because foreigners will not be able to obtain a Turkish work visa without a company in Turkey sponsoring them.

If Foreign Nationals are based outside of Turkey, they should  contact with their nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate to begin their work permit application process.

It is also highly recommended that acquiring a residence permit with a long duration is highly necessary, because residency permits with less than six months left have been known to be denied the right to work in Turkey.

Once Foreign Nationals have all the paperwork in order and are ready to process with their application, they must then submit their work permit application to the Ministry for Labour and Social Security. If they are approved for a Turkish work permit, their passport will be stamped with their new work visa in Turkey.

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